For much of human history, the jobs available to an average person remained virtually unchanged. Agriculture and traditional trades were the name of the game. In the last few decades, all that has changed.

With the advent of the digital age, new professions have become a necessity for the modern workplace. One of those jobs is that of a cyber security engineer.

If you’re interested in pursuing a job in cyber security but aren’t entirely sure what the job entails day to day, we’ve got answers. Here’s what you can expect on a typical day at the office. 

Unpredictable (In a Fun Way)

One of the biggest perks of a cyber security career is that it’s anything but typical. Even if your office hours are 9 to 5, you won’t be getting a stale 9 to 5 experience. 

Part of what makes a great cyber security engineer is the ability to think on one’s feet. This is because any given day could throw multiple unexpected problems at you, and you need to have the skills to come up with solutions quickly.

It’s true that most days won’t see you saving the nation from dangerous hackers, but the possibility of unforeseen problems keeps the doldrums at bay and requires a sharp mind. 

Building New Tools

Save for the rare unexpected occurrence, the meat of your day will usually be consumed by developing new tools of the trade. In actuality, that’s what the real core of this job is all about: Developing tools to keep systems safe from attack. 

Staying on top of developing tech and security threats means that you’ll need to be up to date on everything that’s going on in the information security world. Independent research and brainstorming sessions are things you will quickly get used to.


That brings us to the next point. Communication and teamwork are huge components of any cyber security job. The problems you’ll face will need to be approached from every possible angle, and a diverse team with excellent in-group communication makes that possible.

Not only will you be working with the team in your office, but you’ll be consulting with other departments and outside sources. For example, you’ll work closely with the IT department to tackle technical issues and threats together.

Understanding how to communicate complex ideas and knowing how to problem solve collaboratively are skills you’ll need to employ every single day. Unlike other careers, this is a job where your work can actually be the one thing standing in the way of massive security breaches. By putting your head together with your coworkers, you’ll create exciting and creative solutions to new problems every day.

Is Cyber Security Engineer the Career Path for You?

Being a cyber security engineer is a job unlike any other. You’ll be tasked with important tasks every day that require all your brain power.

If this exciting, challenging, and creative career seems like it’s up your alley, why not give it a go? Check out these career options for tech-minded thinkers like yourself.

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