Are you considering a career in computer science? If you’re a creative, analytical person with a passion for tech, you should be.

For starters, an estimated 557,100 new jobs will spring up in the field by 2026. When you couple that with the above-average median salary, there’s no reason not to start a career in this industry.

Choosing between occupations that fall under the “computer science” umbrella can be difficult. Whether you’re a computer science major or recent graduate, it can be hard to know which option is best for you. To get you started, check out our list of the top 4 computer science jobs right now.

1. Software Engineer

Software engineering and development involves writing the foundational code for computer applications. They’re also involved in the testing, maintenance, and upgrading of software programs.

Software engineers should be fluent in a variety of programming languages including Python, Ruby, Java, C++, and HTML. They’re the ones responsible for turning an idea into an executable software program.

2. Cybersecurity Engineer

A cybersecurity engineer protects IT systems, computer networks, and sensitive data from attack. They’re the front line of defense against malware, ransomware, trojans, and other threats. They often have experience in risk analysis and mitigation, programming, and penetration testing.

If you’re willing to invest in the education necessary to become a cybersecurity engineer, you have a great chance of finding a job in your field. Forbes even called cybersecurity “the fastest growing job with a huge skills-gap.” It’s true—with constant data breaches and new security threats, companies can’t seem to hire security engineers fast enough.

3. Systems Engineer

Systems engineers are also sometimes referred to as computer systems analysts. They are responsible for keeping an organization’s computer systems operating at peak efficiency. This involves hardware and software updates, IT project management, and process improvement.

Systems engineers bridge the gap between IT and business administration. As such, they should have great communication skills, an understanding of finance, and a “team player” attitude. They should also have a knack for staying on top of trends in the tech world and a desire for continuous learning.

4. DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers take on a wide range of duties related to managing an IT infrastructure. They collaborate with both development and operations engineers. Rather than only working on the beginning or end of a project, they take part in the entire process of software design and delivery.

DevOps engineers also create automation tools that make running integrated programs a breeze. Most positions require a computer science degree and knowledge of high-level programming languages. If you love the entire process of software design and implementation, DevOps could be a fantastic fit. 

Which of These Computer Science Jobs Is Right for You?

If you’re passionate about business, security, or development, one of these computer science jobs could be your dream career.

Ready to dive into the world of computer science full-time?

CodeIntelx is committed to hiring and investing in talented engineers. We seek out driven and innovative computer science professionals that care about people and service. If that sounds like you, check out our careers page to see a list of our current openings.

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