In the digital era, a position as a software engineer is a highly coveted role. The computer and information technology industry is growing rapidly and there is a strong demand for software experts.

For example, the number of software developer jobs is projected to grow by 24 percent through 2026. This rate is much faster than the national average.

The first step to landing a job as a software engineer is crushing the interview. Read on to learn about software engineer interview prep. Explore strategies for the interview, as well as common questions that are asked.

Education Background

Your education is particularly important if you are applying for an entry-level position. In this case, you do not have years of professional experience for the company to inquire about. Instead, the interviewers ask about specific questions about your education and possibly internship programs.

Here, the interviewers are going to ask specific questions about your software course curriculum. In particular, what did you learn about computer science and software engineering fundamentals during college?

They may ask what programming languages you worked in during school. Also, interviewers may express interest in the data structures and algorithmic approaches you employ to solve software issues.

Professional Experience

If you have been working in the computer and information technology industry, the interview is likely to focus on professional experience. In this case, your educational background is treated like a subtopic and less relevant to the hiring decision.

Now the questions will be centered on what you have completed and achieved. For instance, the interviewers are certain to ask what software products you have built.

The company is looking for you to speak passionately about these projects. Do not shy away from delving into the technical details to highlight your expertise. There will also be questions on how you overcame issues or obstacles in a software development project.

Take-Home Tests

There are very few job auditions that require applicants to complete a take-home test. However, software engineers fall into this category.

The purpose of these take-home tests is to try out the applicant’s abilities. For example, the interviewers may ask you to build a software application. This is a tactic used to separate qualified candidates and test their coding skills.

Here are some pointers for completing a take-home test. Remember, this is an open-book test and you should use any and all resources at your disposal.

This means to freely use online tutorials or even call a friend for help. The goal is to demonstrate to the employer that you are capable of completing a development project.

Lastly, make sure you carefully read the instructions for the assignment. The employer is checking to see if you follow directions and meet the project’s stated requirements.

A Recap of Software Engineer Interview Prep

Software engineer jobs are in demand it won’t be easy to land your dream job. The competition is fierce and some interview even ask you to complete a take-home assignment to test abilities.

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