You’ve probably heard your IT friends boast about the benefits of certifications. But do you need one as a developer?

Several developer certifications can give you a good salary. Much of this will involve studying cloud technology and project management.

This means there are developer certifications that can help. Technology is changing rapidly, and businesses want to hire people that have proven they have the knowledge to do the job. 

Keep reading to learn the software developer certifications that are hot in the market right now.

AWS Certified Developer

DevOps is taking over software deployment.

Cloud computing gives you the tools to create a scalable infrastructure that can adapt to your needs without disrupting your applications.

The AWS certification will teach you the tools you need to tackle AWS projects.

Amazon’s AWS platform is one of the largest cloud providers today. There are plenty of opportunities for individuals who learn their product.

Certified Scrum Developer

Agile development is one of the most significant development processes in the programming world today.

An estimated 90% of executives want to incorporate this management method in their business.

A scrum workflow is a form of agile that adds on a few unique twists of its own.

Scrum focuses on transparency and pushing greater collaboration and teamwork. A scrum master runs these teams and helps lead complex projects to their finish. A scrum certification will help you prepare for this role.

Oracle Certified Java Developer

Java is one of the few programming languages with a prominent certification.

Oracle provides the OCP, OCM, and OCE. These equate to beginner, intermediate, and expert levels.

Java is used heavily in corporate environments, and many of them look for certifications when making hiring decisions.

Microsoft MSCD Certification

Certifications are prominent in Microsoft’s world.

Their MSCD certification is for mid-level developers looking to improve their skills. You will gain domain knowledge in Microsoft Store apps, web development, Sharepoint, and application lifecycle management.

Many of the concepts you learn here can be applied across the board, making this certification a great option.

Cloudera Certification

Are you fascinated with big data?

A Cloudera certification will prepare you for the world of data science. Cloudera makes use of Apache Hadoop software to help manage networks.

You use these networks of computers for local processing and data storage, allowing you to scale up operations.

Puppet Certifications

One of the most prominent automation software used by big companies is Puppet.

The PCP certification is an exam offered by Puppet Labs that will test your knowledge for managing Puppet systems. You will learn best practices, system management, and integrating Puppet extensions.

Get Your Software Developer Certifications Today

There are a lot of software developer certifications out there, but not all of them are worth it. Read through job postings to see what businesses are looking for and you can narrow down your best options.

Do you have your certifications and are looking to move to a new job? Check our careers page for opportunities that could be an excellent fit for your career goals!

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