As business owners operating in the Digital Age, it is essential we remain as efficient and competitive as possible. There’s a reason that agile development and SCRUM have been so popular in recent years.

With business moving so quickly, and so many competitors on the market, it’s more vital than ever to move quickly without sacrificing quality. The Rapid Application Development method is a way to get digital products out on the market as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When handled correctly, Rapid Application Development can even become a part of your business mode.

Let’s learn more about Rapid Application Development and how it can help your business succeed, shall we?

Your Guide To Rapid Application Development

The traditional model of developing applications is based on the scientific method. You form a hypothesis, you test it out, and you wait for results. This method is slow, unwieldy, and efficient. It also doesn’t take advantage of some of today’s technology, missing out on some of the benefits of modern information technology in the process.

There are four main considerations to keep in mind when going into Rapid Application Development (RAD).

The Four Stages Of Rapid Application Development

Business Model

The type of business you’re creating an application for will greatly impact the type of application you make. You’ll need to decide what type of data will be inputted and how that data will be structured.

You’ll also need to consider how your application will interact with other software and technologies.

Data Modelling

Structuring your data will play a large part in how effective an application is for your enterprise. While releasing an app as a standalone product to be marketed and sold can be profitable, it neglects the potential of user-generated data.

Process Modelling

Once you’ve decided what type of data your app will be taking in and what you’ll be doing with it, it’s easier to visualize the structure and flow your application will require.

In the process modelling stage, you’ll decide how data is added, sorted, modified, retrieved, and sorted.

Testing & Turnover

One of the main benefits of RAD is less time between the initial idea, releasing a prototype, and market testing.

In RAD, every step of the process is user-tested. This lets you gather user feedback, data, and insights during the prototyping. This greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to get a digital product to market.

It also makes for much stronger products that are more useful for your customers.

Thinking through these stages will streamline your application development process, in ¬†keeping with the AGILE philosophy. It’ll also help you save time, money, energy, and resources during the process.

Do You Need Application Development?

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