With the average data breach now totaling nearly $4 million, every company on the planet wants to avoid this kind of security error. If you don’t automate your security checks, you’ll leave gaping holes all around your company. By automating business efforts, you’ll avoid problems and start focusing on breaking new ground.

Here are three reasons to start automating work at your company.


1. Save On Staffing

When you automate components of your business, you can redirect staff to things that are more pertinent to them. There’s so much busy work in every industry that can be dismissed by automating it. Rather than having your staff manage work that can be programmed, you could be breaking new ground or trying out new creative solutions to problems.

Staffing costs require you to provide benefits, pay taxes, account for sick days, and pay regardless of efficiency. While you don’t want your staff to be comprised of robots, there are some tasks that could be done by them.

When you’re able to hand off automated tasks, you don’t have to worry about paying for extra staff.


2. Free Up Time

Related to the money that you save is all of the time that you get back. You can do more with the hours in the day when you’re not worried about all of the repetitive of busy work that your staff needs to get done.

One of the biggest ways that companies can save money is on automated phone systems. Rather than having to pay someone to sit there answering the phone all day, automated systems can help callers to help themselves. This means that only the most important calls get sent to you at a much steadier flow that you would get otherwise.

Another way to free up time is to have automated system security checks. Having a paid IT or tech staffer around every day just to go through routine checks of your code can cost you tens of thousands or more every year. Save that money by automating the work and having that staffer do something else.


3. Avoid Human Error

Human error is one of the costliest problems in any industry. The problems overlooked by your staff are merely human nature but can still end up costing you millions.

If your staff member fails to check the perimeter security, you could be letting intruders in. When your staff members don’t check out the code they’re sending out correctly, they could be creating products and services vulnerable to hacking. If this is the case, you could be answering those problems in a court of law unexpectedly.


Automating Business Makes Sense

With all of the tools available for automating business, there’s no reason to avoid taking advantage of them. If your office uses your printer to make automatically collated copies, there’s no reason to not use an automated system to generate reports. You can keep your staff focused on the most important work and leave the robots to do their robot work.

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