We live on the cusp of the age of manual labor and the technological era. We see technological advances at a rate never experienced before.

One incredible technology creating a better tomorrow is automation. It serves as the equivalent to the cave man’s wheel. The advantages of automation continue to improve life as we know it.


5 Amazing Advantages of Automation

Before looking at the insane benefits, let’s answer a basic question. What does automation mean?

Automation encompasses the continued advancement of computer and engineering technology and its numerous applications that continue to evolve us as a species, by extending our capacity for production. Keep reading to learn 5 awesome benefits of automation.


1. Heightened Production

What if every time you blinked, you accomplished a task?

Computers out process the human brain by billions of megaflops.  Plus, unlike humans who need breaks and sleep, they constantly work. This makes system automation extremely efficient, significantly increasing production compared to allowing humans to run things.

This does not make humans obsolete. Rather, it makes your warm-blooded IT specialists available for important animation advancing projects, further improving production.


2. Maximized Data Security

Could you imagine waiting for a human to identify and remove malware from your system full of case sensitive data?

Cybersecurity automation prevents more cyber attacks and allows for quick and efficient detection and removal of any malware that gets through. Moreover, automating data collection protects your businesses’ clients from hackers.

Automation simply provides better cyber protection overall. Humans cannot match computer attacks, the same way the natives with spears did not stand a chance against Europeans with firepower.


3. Error Elimination

As Alexander Pope pointed out, “To err is human.” And when it comes to crucial IT operations, errors that shut down a large company’s production on multiple operating systems tend not to receive much of that divine forgiveness.

Computer automation eliminates the tendency to make costly mistakes. Automated services offer reliability.


4. Decreased Cost and Increased ROI

Automation will decrease company costs in a number of ways. It reduces your need to hire expensive humans, decreases pricey errors, and reduces lead times. This means you get a greater return on investment as you increase production.


5. Gives You a Competitive Edge

Using automated systems for your business means improving quality while decreasing company costs. This means that you can offer more competitive pricing for your products and/or services.

Since we are on the cusp of this advanced age, and not completely transitioned, many companies do not yet use automation. This means that automating your systems gives you the advantage over your less tech-savvy competition. It also means that you will not lag behind your up-to-date competitors.


Let Innovative Engineers Automate Your Business

Start capitalizing on the advantages of automation. Let the leading engineers at CodeIntelx assist you in competing at a higher level.

Automating today will transition you into tomorrow with improved quality, production, security, and overall returns. Contact us!


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