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life at codeintelx

CodeIntelx works within the public and private sectors, providing customized solutions for a wide range of cloud computing and engineering needs.

At CodeIntelx, we’re developing the leaders of tomorrow’s engineering world. By leveraging our resources, we harness young, ambitious talent—then help launch and advance your career. Learn more about our core values and company culture below.

our values


The next generation of engineering begins with you. Through personalized training and mentoring programs, we transform you into the bona fide thought leader the industry needs to move forward. Throughout training, CodeIntelx stays committed to preparing you for a long, rewarding career in software development and engineering.

We find the old adage, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know,” misguided. It’s not who you know; it’s who knows you.


Tap into CodeIntelx’s vast resources to broaden and deepen your skillset. Our close-knit family atmosphere empowers you to maximize your expertise—through group learning and collaborative training. Want to amplify your programming or cloud computing skills? With an evolving network of engineers, your growth opportunities are endless.
As a family of leaders, we encourage you to use our influence and connections to advance your career—and to help mold up-and-coming engineers in the process.


Out-of-the-box thinking is our primary driving force. How can we develop creative technology solutions that solve our clients’ most difficult problems? And, how can we build training programs centered around your passion and talent—so you can innovate?
CodeIntelx inspires engineers like you to create products that excite both you and our clients. From tailored, one-on-one mentoring to cloud-focused conferences and expos, we give you all the support you need to design original, remarkable, and revolutionary solutions.


With CodeIntelx, you know exactly what you’re getting:

  1. A rich, rewarding, and supportive culture,
  2. The most competitive salary and benefits package in the industry,
  3. Customized training and mentoring programs to advance your career

We value transparency, and we expect the same from our engineers. By keeping the lines of communication open, we resolve internal issues efficiently—with an unquestionable commitment to our core values, our clients, and you

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