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Programming is a dynamic industry. While it’s exciting, it also means that there’s constantly something more to learn. There are a lot of different online classes you can take to continue your programming education, but you can also pick up a good, old-fashioned book to learn more as well.

Keep reading to find out what programming books will help you step up your software skills.

The Five Best Programming Books

It might seem odd that a computer programmer should read a book to learn more about software, but sometimes there’s no beating a good book.

Here are five programming books that every software engineer needs to read:

1. The Pragmatic Programmer

This is one of the oldest programming books out there, but reviews claim that it stands the test of time. It’s a great read for every programmer, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned professional. The book itself is built on 70 different tips that you can add to programming arsenal.

2. Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

This book has been deemed the encyclopedia of coding. Reviews say that this is a must-read for every programmer. It’s a huge book and clocks in at over 900 pages. Although it’s hefty, it’s well worth the read as it’s packed with helpful tips that will change the way you code.

Besides the helpful information, reviewers love the writing style. It’s written in story-format, which makes every topic easier to digest and enjoyable to take in.

3. Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship

Writing clean code is crucial these days as poorly-written code can completely ruin a project. This book dives deep into how to write clean code. Examples in this book are written in Java, but the lessons can still be applied to nearly every coding language.

4. Soft Skills: The Software Developer’s Life Manual

For a lot of programmers, technical skills like coding are only half of the job. You also need to have a wide array of soft skills that help you work well with clients and coworkers.

This book will help you round out your skill set and learn more about dealing with difficult people, managing your finances, staying productive and a lot more. Coding is the fun part for the majority of software engineers, but these soft skills are just as necessary and could make or break your career in coding.

5. Programming Pearls

This book is a must-read for beginning programmers. It’s a great book that breaks down the basics of problem-solving. Reviews recommend that you don’t read ahead and work through the problems on your own. If you do, you’ll become a much stronger programmer throughout your career.

Learn More About Programming and Software Development

As we mentioned earlier, programming is a profession where there is always something more to learn. The best way to become a better programmer is to always keep learning, whether it’s practicing writing code or reading programming books.

Our blog is a great resource to keep you up-to-date on the software engineering world. This article on the latest cybersecurity trends is a great place to start.

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